[cfe-dev] ObjC Block call checker

Alexander Smirnov via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Mar 6 12:50:50 PST 2016


I'm trying to add ObjC clang analyzer checker to check if called block is
non null.

I thought that at some ProgramState SVal for the called block will be
constrained to null and that's all I need to check.

I was naive.

Here is code of the checker: http://pastebin.com/raw/dcE12ayk
But it reports error even for simple code like:

void(^bl)(void) = ^{};

That's caused by the fact that for my checker SVal for "bl" is

Could please someone lead me on the right examples from current checkers?
Or explain, what am I doing wrong ?
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