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Wed Apr 27 09:28:12 PDT 2016

> The folks working on our build infrastructure have limited time. Making
them cope with designing the usage of CMake in such a way that it
gracefully degrades across many major versions of CMake makes their work
substantially harder, and even if it is theoretically possible to do, it
may become sufficiently annoying or slow to do that we simply don't get
improvements to how we build things.
> And I think that the same tradeoff holds for C++11 features. We didn't
*need* any of them, and we actually pushed the Windows platform harder than
all of the others because it was the one holding us back. And I think that
was good because it made the developers substantially more productive. In
this case, it's just the build infrastructure and not the entire codebase,
but I think a similar argument holds. If the functionality in CMake 3.4
makes Chris's job on CMake substantially easier, and it at least seems
reasonable to get access to that version of CMake, I'm very supportive of
the change.

Thanks. I think this is a perfect summary. In the end of the day it is a
tradeoff of who spends time on what. And upgrading cmake takes very little
time compared to having to support old versions.

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