[cfe-dev] Raising CMake minimum version to 3.4.3

Rafael Espíndola via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 27 06:14:42 PDT 2016

> For the other platforms, you could build it from source, which is really
> easy. Newer versions of CMake still support some
> really ancient platforms, so I don’t think anyone will have issues doing
> that. If you’re using an exotic platform, you should
> be used to compiling your own software anyway, so I don’t think this will be
> an issue for them.
> Do Windows devs get stuck because the Windows packaging system doesn’t come
> with the latest version of CMake?
> They don’t have any, so they download the installer, use the updated version
> and don’t complain (too) much.


Same for OS X.

I work on linux most of the time and fully support upgrading cmake to
whatever version people writing our cmake files find useful. I have no
idea what cmake version the distribution I use ships, and I see no
point in looking that up. Building cmake is truly trivial. Anyone (or
any bot) that can build llvm can build cmake.


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