[cfe-dev] Raising CMake minimum version to 3.4.3

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Why not 3.5.1?

On Apr 26, 2016 6:01 PM, "Chris Bieneman via cfe-dev" <
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> Hello llvm-dev and cfe-dev,
> I want open up the discussion of upgrading our minimum required CMake
> version.
> In the past when we’ve discussed this one of the major reasons for not
> moving forward was that the Ubuntu LTS release was on CMake 2.8.12.x. A few
> days ago Ubuntu 16.04, the new LTS, was released, and it contains CMake
> 3.5.1.
> I have a couple of motivations for this, the biggest of which is that I’ve
> hit a wall trying to overcome some limitations in the CMake ExternalProject
> module which I can’t get past without being on CMake 3.4 or newer. These
> limitations make using ExternalProject to build the LLVM test-suite and
> runtime libraries (compiler-rt, libcxx, etc) difficult.
> The other big motivation that I have for this is the ability to cleanup
> code. We have a lot of CMake code that checks CMAKE_VERSION and enables and
> disables features used on the version. None of the places where we
> currently have CMAKE_VERSION checks should impact build correctness, but
> most people don’t realize that if you’re using Ninja your build will be
> faster on a newer CMake than on an older one. It would be nice if we just
> pushed the bar up and could remove a bunch of those conditionals.
> To do this we need bot maintainers to update their CMake installations, so
> we need some consensus that (1) we want to do this and (2) what a
> reasonable timeline for doing it is.
> What I’d like to do is raise the minimum version for all LLVM projects to
> CMake 3.4.3 at the end of May. Setting the date at the end of May gives bot
> maintainers and developers lots of time to update, and CMake 3.4.3 is the
> last CMake 3.4 release and it is widely available. For reference here’s a
> list of linux distributions and their CMake versions:
> Ubuntu Wily -> 3.2.2
> Ubuntu Xenial -> 3.5.1
> Ubuntu Yakkety -> 3.5.1
> Debian jessie -> 3.0.2
> Debian stretch -> 3.5.1
> Debian sid -> 3.5.2
> FreeBSD 10.2 -> 3.5.0
> FreeBSD HEAD -> 3.5.2
> Feedback?
> Thanks,
> -Chris
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