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2016-04-26 19:14 GMT+01:00 barbara <barbara at copperspice.com>:

> Mikhail,
> It sounds like you have been through this, which is really helpful for
> everyone.  Yes, we are using autotools (we will add CMake in a few months)
> and would really like any scripts you are willing to share.
Good for you! I'm trying to convince the team to move to cmake, without
success. Anyway, the scripts are:


They might not work well on 32-bit systems.

> I have been running the test on Windows while Ansel has been testing on
> Debian. He was not aware of all the flags you can pass to 'llvm-config',
> this was great information. Right now he has link issues but not the same
> ones as I have on Windows.
Cool. If you feel specially curious about how we use libTooling, you can


In this class we generate the AST and include builtin headers (mandatory if
you want to ship just the binary, e.g., static binaries).


How we traverse the AST and convert it to our internal AST.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us. I didn't find any other
(open) tool using the C++ API the way I'm using.

Thank you,


Mikhail Ramalho.
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