[cfe-dev] [OpenCL] atomic_double requires cl_khr_fp64 enabled

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Thu Apr 21 03:00:55 PDT 2016

Hi Sam,

> Actually in OpenCL 2.0 spec cl_khr_fp64 is not defined.

It seems to be in OpenCL 2.0 for the backwards compatibility (Table 4.3), but I agree Spec doesn't seem to require it for atomic_double types. Btw, conformance tests are still enabling it though.


From: Liu, Yaxun (Sam) [mailto:Yaxun.Liu at amd.com]
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Subject: [OpenCL] atomic_double requires cl_khr_fp64 enabled

Currently Clang requires cl_khr_fp64 enabled to use atomic_double. This seems to be a bug.

In OpenCL 2.0 fp64 is an optional feature. If platform supports it, there is no need to enable cl_khr_fp64 to use it. Actually in OpenCL 2.0 spec cl_khr_fp64 is not defined.

I plan to fix that if all agree it is a bug.

What's your opinion? Thanks.

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