[cfe-dev] [OpenCL] atomic_double requires cl_khr_fp64 enabled

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One correction: doubles became optional core feature in OpenCL 1.2.

I'm agree that it's a bug, but I'd like to discuss the ideas on how to fix it.
There should be some way to let clang know that doubles are not supported by OpenCL platform and it's expected to get diagnostics in this case.

OpenCL C++ compiler introduces compiler knob for that. "cl-fp64-enable"


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Subject: [OpenCL] atomic_double requires cl_khr_fp64 enabled

Currently Clang requires cl_khr_fp64 enabled to use atomic_double. This seems to be a bug.

In OpenCL 2.0 fp64 is an optional feature. If platform supports it, there is no need to enable cl_khr_fp64 to use it. Actually in OpenCL 2.0 spec cl_khr_fp64 is not defined.

I plan to fix that if all agree it is a bug.

What's your opinion? Thanks.


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