[cfe-dev] Converting a checker into a plugin.

Ashwin Ganesh via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Apr 8 05:15:29 PDT 2016

I want to make a few modifications to the GenericTaintChecker.cpp file .
Since, building clang takes a lot of time . I wanted to convert that
checker into a clang plugin as suggested by Artem since I don't need to
build clang everytime (I hope?).

I was going through how to build a plugin in here
Should I write a similar makefile inside
/build/.../clang/examples/GenericTaintChecker ( location of .cpp plugin
file) ? But then , that makefile seems to build clang every time, so is
there any use of this conversion. I am a newbie and I don't really
understand clang's build system

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