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What do you want to "do" with the file generated? In general, I would have
thought the tools provided by Clang would be more suitable than trying to
parse the output from clang with this option - it's more of a tool to debug
the compiler than something intended to use for further processing. Clang
already comes with several sets of tools for reformatting,
modifying/matching code patterns, etc.

I'm also copying the reply to "cfe-dev" that is the mailing list for Clang
and related tools, rather than the llvm-dev, which is the mailing list for
the LLVM part of the clang+llvm set of tools/products.


On 6 April 2016 at 11:26, David Castells Rufas via llvm-dev <
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> Dear all,
> I'm new to the mailing list.
> I'm trying to find the file format description of the AST files generated
> with
> >clang -emit-ast ...
> Could you give me any pointer? Thanks
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