[cfe-dev] Targets where sizeof(_Atomic X) != sizeof(X) ?

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> The C11 standard permits sizeof(_Atomic char) to be different from
> sizeof(char).  Are there any targets where this freedom is taken?

No, it doesn't do that for primitive integer types, only for
non-power-of-two sized types. (ASTContext.cpp:1822)

Is there currently a TargetInfo member or chunk of a DataLayoutString that
> indicates the size of the various atomics?


I did some source searches, and didn't find anything.  I've made some
> initial attempts at adding such support, but I've hit some non-trivial
> front-end crashes, so I figured I'd ask around before digging any deeper

As I said before, I don't think that this is really a good idea. Unless (as
you brought up) there's an architecture which actually uses
byte-granularity memory protection AND has a single-byte load/store BUT is
missing a single-byte version of the ll/sc or cmpxchg instructions (having
only a 4byte version, say), thus making it truly impossible to implement a
lock-free atomic char. (Such an architecture would seem pretty broken to
me. It should really be fixed)

In other cases, where it is possible to implement atomic char, by using a
word-sized cmpxchg on the containing aligned word, I think it's probably
best to just do that. Despite the approximately 15 extra instructions
needed to do the masking/shifting of the values.
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