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forgot to cc the list on my reply.

-- Marshall

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> I have a C library, and I want to build libc++ and libc++abi against it.
> This C library’s implementation of many of the math.h functions involves
> code similar to…
> #define cos(Val) RealCosImpl(Val)
> This interacts poorly with libcxx’s cmath header, as the float and long
> double overload declarations hit this #define.
> If I make a patch that guards the bulk of cmath from this kind of macro,
> do people feel that this would be useful, or would it get rejected on the
> grounds that it is unnecessary noise to support an odd C library?  This fix
> would generally take the form of putting the function name in parenthesis
> to suppress function macro expansion.  So code that looks like this…
> float cos(float val)
> … would turn into this…
> float (cos)(float val)

That's not good enough, because we have to "hoist" the function into
namespace std.

> One could argue that this would be a reasonable thing to do across libcxx,
> but I think it is more important to do so for cmath, as many of those
> functions must have macro version in the C tgmath.h header (but not the C++
> one).  It probably wouldn’t hurt to throw some parenthesis at std::min and
> std::max in <algorithm> as well, considering the unfortunate history with
> those and the <windows.h> min and max macros.

libc++'s <cmath> header does this for some of the calls there (look at
'fpclassify', for example).

Doing the same for cos (and others) shouldn't be too hard.
Can you provide a list of the functions that your library defines as macros?

-- Marshall
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