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> Hi Manuel,
> Thanks for the hint. I was just looking at the getParents() method :-)
> Quick question: is getParents(childNode)[0] *always* the parent (i.e.,
> immediate parent, not ancestor) of childNode?

It is always *a* parent, yes :)

> > So far the consensus has been that this would be a very hard project;
> > there has been an XML output once, but the problem is that it was never
> > up-to-date / complete enough to do anything useful with it.
> > Generally, if you want to have a full XML/JSON/whatever output, somebody
> > would need to implement it, and then make sure it doesn't get out of
> > date when the implementation changes.
> I gather this was the reason something like -dump-xml was dropped as a
> CFE action. At the moment, I am working on a toy tool. It is nowhere
> close to being production ready.
> If someone in the community could mentor me for e.g., GSoC, I could give
> this a more serious shot. Ultimately, like you say, this is a continuous
> (and not one-time) effort that requires keeping track of upstream
> changes in Clang AST. Nonetheless, I offer help for an initial prototype
> at the very least.
> > So far we have build mostly clang-based tools that work directly on the
> > C++ AST.
> Is anyone else in the list considering using clang -ast-dump towards a
> non-clang tool e.g., IDE integration or some such?

Our idea for IDE integration is to export everything that makes sense
through libclang (for example, we want to export clang-tidy through
libclang, and once we have refactorings, it might make sense to offer them
through libclang, too).

> Thanks,
> Bhargava
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