[cfe-dev] LLVM, SVN, Permission Errors

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If you did, for example, sudo svn ... , that would indeed explain the
problems you are seeing. In my experience with svn (which is by no means
"expert", nor "novice") it will set the file permissions so that you can
write to all files as the user that checked out the files [although I think
it may allow you to store files or directories with read-only permission,
but that would be a "only if you ask for that"].


On 8 September 2015 at 12:59, Keith Smith via cfe-dev <
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> I went to update the latest source to try the update by Takumi
> Nakamura, R246984. Received update R247003. Thank you.
> Running the shell script below I got permission errors in
> llvm/tools/clang/tools/extra.
> I have not seen these errors before.
> svn: E000013: Can't create temporary file from template
> '/home/ksmith/llvm/tools/clang/tools/extra/.svn/tmp/svn-XXXXXX':
> Permission denied
> I found llvm/tools/clang/tools/extra/CODE_OWNERS.txt to be owned by root.
> I found llvm/tools/clang/tools/extra/.svn/tmp to be owned by root.
> Changed owner of tmp.
> Ran get source again.
> Now I get this error.
> svn: E000013: Can't move
> '/home/ksmith/llvm/tools/clang/tools/extra/.svn/tmp/svn-e7k4QP' to
> '/home/ksmith/llvm/tools/clang/tools/extra/.svn/pristine/b4/b491a5e9d826f7c9e3655727076ea0039baa92e7.svn-base':
> Permission denied
> I find a lot of files in pristrine to be owned by root.
> Did I accidentally pull source while root. Does this explain my
> problem? Sorry, I'm new to svn.
> Keith Smith
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