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>>> Of course, the spec also states that IDB should be documented, so
>>> technically, the clang compiler is not fulfilling the specifications in
>>> this
>>> respect.
>> Technically, every open source implementation is documenting its
>> implementation-defined behavior by definition: you can always look at
>> the source code to see what the definition of the behavior is. Nothing
>> states that the documentation must be spelled out in easy fashion for
>> the user. Obviously, we'd be happy to raise that bar a bit and have
>> more formal documentation were someone willing to provide it.
> Yes. However if we start finding inconsistencies (bugs) in the
> implementation, we need to understand what the desired behavior is. If we
> can document that it is intended behavior is I can then start diving in and
> fixing the problems we're seeing. If it's not the intended behavior then I
> dive in and start fixing the inconsistencies in a different way.
> The general feeling I'm getting is "it should be supported" so I'll start
> going down that path.

If the code compiles, then it's either a bug that it compiles when it's not
supported, or a bug that it's not working correctly... ;)

And I'm fairly sure that, since GCC supports it, and Clang is intended to
be a GCC plugin-recplacement, it should work in Clang too.


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