[cfe-dev] _Atomic qualified types and template argument deduction

Hubert Tong via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 2 09:29:37 PDT 2015

In C11, the lvalue conversions replace atomic types with the unqualified,
non-atomic version. This is similar to the array-to-pointer and
function-to-pointer conversions in C++.

I believe that this parallel should be reflected in template argument
deduction (specifically, in the place in [temp.deduct.call] where
array-to-pointer and function-to-pointer conversion is mentioned).

That is, I believe the following should compile successfully (Clang doesn't
do so at this time):
extern _Atomic const int x;
template <typename T> struct C { typedef T type; };
template <typename T> C<T> foo(T);
extern decltype(foo(x))::type chk;
extern int chk;

Comments welcome.
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