[cfe-dev] how to implement "statement P is followed by statement Q" matcher?

Gabor Kozar kozargabor at fastmail.fm
Thu May 28 02:41:27 PDT 2015

I don't think you'd really be able to do this with matchers without
major modifications to the matcher architecture.

Your best bet would be - I believe - to only have the ifStmt(...) as
your matcher, and do the "isFollowedBy" logic in the callback. You'll
also need to bind the containing CompoundStmt.

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On Tue, May 26, 2015, at 21:25, Richard wrote:
> I recently had to go through a bit of manual coding in order to match
> this in clang-tidy:
> if (expr) return true; return false;
> What I really wanted was to be able to write something like this:
> compoundStmt( isFollowedBy( ifStmt(
> hasThen(returnStmt(has(booleanLiteral(equals(true))))),
> unless(hasElse(anything()))),
> returnStmt(has(booleanLiteral(equals(false)))) ) )
> There are matchers that tell me if a compound statment has **any**
> substatement, but there aren't any matchers that allow me to specify
> the order in which related statements appear within a compound
> statement.
> (Aside: note the heavy-handed use of the has() matcher above on a
> returnStmt. There's no way to access the return expression directly on
> a returnStmt.)
> In my case I really needed an "isFollowedBy" style matcher, because I
> didn't want to match this:
> if (expr) return true; doSomethingElse(); return false;
> However, I can easily see people wanting to match a compound statement
> that has two related statements in a particular order, but possibly
> with other statements in between.
> I'm interested in hearing thoughts on such a squential matcher
> "isFollowedBy" and how I would implement such a thing. So far my
> forays into matchers have been really small and I haven't yet learned
> the subtleties or the full vocabulary of the matcher macros.
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