[cfe-dev] Changing module maps

Thompson, John John_Thompson at playstation.sony.com
Wed May 20 17:59:01 PDT 2015


I've experienced a few situations where I've been changing a module map during development, or passing module maps to others to try, who then get mysterious warnings or errors, such as:

test.cpp:2:2: warning: missing submodule '_Builtin_intrinsics.intel.x86intrin'


#include <x86intrin.h>

^       ~

1 warning generated.

Sometimes clang detects it, and issues a relevant warning.  Other times it does not.  (Perhaps due to a time tag being earlier?)  The recovery is to delete the module cache manually.

Is there something we could do to better detect a changed module map, and perhaps even better, also automatically delete the prior module cache to avoid potential problems?  Checksum/CRC the module map?  Use size and file time?



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