[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] LLVM IRC channel flooded?

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Tue May 19 12:25:52 PDT 2015

On 05/19/2015 08:50 PM, Chris Matthews wrote:
> Just some stats, after looking through lab.llvm.org
> <http://lab.llvm.org>:8011
> Maybe these should be marked as experimental, and removed from the
> builders link on the main page.
> Never passed at all:
> libcxx-libcxxabi-x86_64-linux-ubuntu-cxx03
> libcxx-libcxxabi-x86_64-linux-ubuntu-ubsan
> libcxx-libcxxabi-x86_64-linux-ubuntu-tsan
> libcxx-libcxxabi-x86_64-linux-ubuntu-gcc
> libcxx-libcxxabi-x86_64-apple-darwin14-system-lib
> lldb-x86_64-ubuntu-14.04-android
> llgo-x86_64-linux
> Not pass in at least a month:
> llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-debian-fast
> clang-native-mingw32-win7
> clang-x86_64-linux-selfhost-abi-test
> clang-x64-ninja-win7-debug
> perf-x86_64-penryn-O3-polly-detect-only
> sanitizer-x86_64-linux-bootstrap
> sanitizer_x86_64-freebsd
> sanitizer-windows
> libcxx-libcxxabi-x86_64-apple-darwin14-tot-clang
> clang-amd64-openbsd
> lldb-x86_64-debian-clang
> lldb-x86_64-freebsd
> lldb-x86_64-ubuntu-14.10

Chris, thanks for going through this!

I am all in favor of removing/disabling these bots (and would be OK with 
being even more aggressive).

The one Polly bot listed is a performance buildbot which has emails or 
IRC messages disabled. I now removed it completely from the buildbot 
list to also keep the web interface clean.


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