[cfe-dev] Interest in StringRef'ize APIs Open Project

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue May 19 09:31:19 PDT 2015

In article <CAHbe_AdpFmjYUfdcwwL08ftWKVTbhgUGaaxZHO_bcOM9gdG+ig at mail.gmail.com>,
    Paul Jarrett <jarrett.paul.young at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm just now trying to start working on clang and was wondering if there
> still is interest in the open project: "*StringRef'ize APIs*: A thankless
> but incredibly useful project is StringRef'izing (converting to use
> llvm::StringRef instead of const char * or std::string) various clang
> interfaces. This generally simplifies the code and makes it more
> efficient."  I figured I'd update a few files at a time, ensure tests pass,
> and submit this as little patches over a long time until I got done.

To me this sounds highly mechanical and repetitive (which is why noone
has taken on this thankless task).

"highly mechanical and repetitive" screams out refactoring tool to me,
but maybe that's just because I think refactoring tools are so cool.
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