[cfe-dev] [Openmp-dev] CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX vs -fopenmp and clang search library search path

Carlo Bertolli cbertol at us.ibm.com
Sat May 16 07:59:20 PDT 2015

HI Chris,

That's clear now, thanks.

-- Carlo

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      On May 15, 2015, at 4:55 PM, Carlo Bertolli <cbertol at us.ibm.com>

      Hi Chris

      I sent an e-mail a while ago but I made a mistake when transforming
      it from daily digest into a single e-mail and you may not have seen

      lomp is already used for the "lightweight OpenMP" (LOMP)
      implementation, which is for PPC64, BlueGene, and Z-series systems.
      Here are some references to it:



      One important note is that LOMP supports the KMP* interface and can
      be (and currently is) used as a OpenMP library for LLVM.
      Unless you feel strongly for re-using the name, I would rather prefer
      LLOMP to avoid confusion.

Sure, but “lomp” is presumably actually linked with the command line flag
-llomp today.  The “-l” part is an aspect of the compiler interface to
specify a library to link, not part of the name of the library.


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