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Tim W timpie.w at gmail.com
Wed May 13 11:28:45 PDT 2015

Hi Daniel,

>Refactoring and version system friendliness are concerns when writing
code. clang-format's explicit goal is to make code readable.

I don't really want to argue with you about this because that is also on
top of my list and I also can understand that you don't want support
every style nuance.
But here is my view ... the first goal of this style is also readability.
For me proposal (3) from @mpark is less readable because it separates the
arguments in head and tail and I would like to have them together and
aligned.  As for the version control system ... it is for easily reading
the history of the file and when I refactor the function name in example
(3) its looks  in the history that all parameters are changed.  And yes we
can turn on ignore whitespaces but then we will miss other whitespace

I also convinced myself that is a globally used style but that is probably
because I have seen it in two presentation at ACCU about C++ code style :)

Any hint of how I could implement it myself if it will never make it into
the tool?

Kind regards,

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