[cfe-dev] SSA form in Clang

Jan-Patrick Lehr my.new.social.email at gmail.com
Thu May 7 12:23:28 PDT 2015

If you do not necessarily need to use Clang you might want to consider 
the ROSE compiler infrastructure [1] as it is a framework explicitly 
designed for doing source-to-source transformations.
It brings pretty much all the different analyses one would expect to be 
available in a compiler.
Also its C support should be pretty stable.


[1] www.rosecompiler.org

On 01.05.2015 11:58, Hayden Livingston wrote:
> For my project (a subset of C) I'm trying to do optimizations at the
> source level language and wondering why Clang doesn't have an SSA form
> representation.
> Is it not useful, since LLVM does almost all the optimizations?
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