[cfe-dev] get live variables in a refactoring tool

Pei-Shiang Hung pshung807 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 03:30:01 PDT 2015


I'm writing a refactoring tool with clang libtooling.

What I need is to rewrite source code according to live variable
information. For example, for each basic block in a function, dump its
live-out variables.

I know it would be quite easily if I'm writing an analysis checker.

void checkASTCodeBody(const Decl *D, AnalysisManager& mgr,
                    BugReporter &BR) const {
if (LiveVariables* L = mgr.getAnalysis<LiveVariables>(D)) {

simplely call mgr.getAnalysis(D) to get LiveVariables of this
function. then, dump each block.

But, I'm writing a standalone refactoring tool. How can I construct an
AnalysisManager object?
Are there any reference?

Thank a lot.

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