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Hi Jack,

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> Recently I need to generate AST files while using clang static analyzer. I found that the option "-emit-ast" could not work with static analyzer. I used the command like this: clang -emit-ast --analyze -Xanalyzer -analyzer-checker=core.DivideZero a.c. Then I got a warning: argument unused during compilation: '-emit-ast'. I can only compile the source code once for some reason, so I have to generate ast file and use static analyzer at the same time. How can I manage that?
I don’t believe there is a good way to do this. The driver will only perform a single job action for the ‘compile' phase and in this case --analyze takes precedence over -emit-ast.

If you really can only call ‘clang’ once with your build process, one hacky possibility (depending on your build system) is to replace the environmental variables $CC and $CPP with a script that that calls the real clang twice, once with --analyze and once with -emit-ast, forwarding all other arguments. We do this with ‘scan-build’, which interposes with this trick to run the static analyzer while also compiling the program. You can see how this is done in tools/scan-build.


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