[cfe-dev] [clang-tidy] Addition info in YAML report

Ilia Gromov via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Dec 21 03:44:19 PST 2015


clang-tidy saves a YAML report when the option '-export-fixes=...> is used.

MainSourceFile:  ''
   - FilePath:        /home/ilia/clang/sandbox/main.cpp
     Offset:          388
     Length:          8
     ReplacementText: '// TODO(ilia): '

This information is sufficient to apply generated replacements later.
However, there is no information about a check which had found this warning.

Is there a way to know check ID for this replacement?

In clang-modernize this problem was solved with a workaround:
When in "serialize-replacements" mode, clang-modernize can't inspect 
sources more than for 1 check ID.
So, when I run

     ./clang-modernize -serialize-replacements 
-serialize-dir=/tmp/modernize/add-override112233 /tmp/source.cpp

I'm sure that a YAML file in /tmp/modernize/add-override112233 is for 
"add-override" check.Repeat this for all 6 checks and, as a result, you 
can group replacements by check ID.
clang-tidy allows to specify any number of check IDs when saving to 
YAML. And it has way more checks than 6. So, this workaround won't work 
well in case of clang-tidy


Ilia Gromov

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