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Fri Dec 18 02:35:28 PST 2015

Marshall Clow wrote:

> The following minimum compiler versions are strongly recommended.
> * Clang 3.5 and above
> * GCC 4.7 and above.
> Anything older may work.
> We're having more and more trouble supporting pre-4.7 versions of gcc, especially in C++03 mode.
> Much of the early gcc support was driven by the fact that Apple was never going to move past gcc 4.2.1,
> and the necessity of supporting that compiler - but that ship has sailed.
> I'd like to officially drop support for those compilers.

I am a mere user of libc++, so this may be a non-problem, but I feel the need to check.

I make extensive use of backwards compatibility on OS X: building on, say, OS X 10.11, and aiming to have backwards compatibility to older versions of OS X, which of course includes the libc++ on them. How does this proposal affect the future of such backwards compatibility?

In my specific case, I'm not intending to use future versions of Clang to target anything before OS X 10.10, but others may well do so.


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