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> On 14/12/15 20:42, Richard via cfe-dev wrote:
> > IMO, the proper place to fix this is in the AST itself.  I would like
> > to see the AST node should provide an iterator API that allows you to
> > walk over all the identifiers (SourceLocation begin/end for each
> > identifier) in a single declaration and obtain their actual types:
> >
> > a -> long int
> > b -> long int *
> > c -> long int[10]
> > [...]
> Well, in a way, we do have this information, as part of QualType and 
> Type components of AST which I can access for these declarations.


> But the crux of the problem is the correct generation of removals in 
> FixIt hints.
> [...]
> This is where I need to know the locations where the cuts are to be made.

Yes, this is what I tried to find in the parser before, but I was
unsuccessful being unfamiliar with the parser code.
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