[cfe-dev] Use of libclang in OS X application

vivek pandya via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Dec 14 09:14:38 PST 2015

Hello ,

I want to use libclang with Swift in OS X application. Please suggest me
whether I should use static(.a) or dynamic(.dylib) libclang ? In both the
case what are the other dependencies needs to be included ? If I use .dylib
version then Can it be distributed as a single executable which is
independent and deployed on OS X machine which do not have XCode or clang
installed ?
I have build static libclang with cmake -DLIBCLANG_BUILD_STATIC=ON but it
generated both for me .a and .dylib . Why size of .dylib is greater than .a
file ?

Please guide .

*Vivek Pandya*
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