[cfe-dev] Can SymExpr in clang carry multiple taints

Alexey Sidorin via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Dec 10 11:32:15 PST 2015


There is no simple multimap support (like REGISTER_*_WITH_PROGRAMSTATE) now.
However, for taint analysis this functionality may be easily extended with
using bitfields. So, I can imagine some functions like:

bool isTainted(ProgramStateRef State, SymbolRef Sym, unsigned TaintKind) {
   const unsigned *TaintKinds = State->get<TaintMap>(Sym);
   return TaintKinds && (*TaintKinds & (1 << TaintKind));

ProgramStateRef ProgramState::addTaint(SymbolRef Sym, TaintKind K) {
   const unsigned *CurrKinds = get<TaintMap>(Sym);
   unsigned NewFlag = 1 << K;
   unsigned FinalFlags = CurrKinds ? (*CurrKinds | NewFlag) : NewFlag;
   return set<TaintMap>(FinalFlags);

This may be a possible solution in your case.

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