[cfe-dev] LibTooling in the absence of a compilation database

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There are none that are guaranteed to work in all cases; nonetheless, if
Clang, GCC or Microsoft C++ is presented with a 'hello world' test program
with no other options, it will successfully compile it with its built-in
defaults, so the defaults for a tool should be those that Clang would use
in the same circumstances. (I do have some ideas for automated search for
the correct options if the defaults fail, but in the meantime 'do what the
actual compiler would do' would be a good baseline.)

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> On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 10:35 AM Russell Wallace via cfe-dev <
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>> Tools built with LibTooling default to using a compilation database if
>> one is available, which is good.
>> In the case where a compilation database is not available, there is a
>> problem: the default behavior is to exit with an error message, whereas in
>> some cases the tool would be required to do the best it can anyway. This
>> can be achieved by adding -- to the end of the command line, but this
>> wouldn't be obvious to someone unfamiliar with Clang tools.
>> One solution would be for the program to append -- to argv if it's not
>> already present, but would this disable the default useful behavior of
>> reading the compilation database if it is available?
>> If so, is there a way for the program to say 'okay, check for a
>> compilation database as normal, but if it's not present, let me know and
>> I'll fill in some best-guess default options'?
> The problem is that for C++ there really are no best guess default
> options. If you have ideas for what they should be, please make a proposal.
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