[cfe-dev] LNT server is down

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Tue Nov 25 23:18:17 PST 2014

On 26.11.2014 00:30, Chris Matthews wrote:
> I don’t have access to that server.
> I have been using a cloud LNT instance for the performance runs on the green-dragon cluster.  So far it has provided 100% uptime!
> http://llvm-lnt.herokuapp.com <http://llvm-lnt.herokuapp.com/>

I am surprised. What was the reason you did not use the instance at 
llvm.org/perf? Did you consider it broken?

If the only issue was that you did not have server access, then maybe we 
should fix this. I do not see why we would maintain two instances.
One canonical address for LLVM performance results seems to be the way 
to go.


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