[cfe-dev] making the SPIR target work

Ribulous Barnulous rnickb731 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 17:48:29 PST 2014


I've been looking into making the spir target work with the latest version
of clang.

Comparing the current version to this spir branch of clang
I found these pieces missing that are necessary to generate confirming spir

1) the "-cl-kernel-arg-info" option currently suppresses the generation of
all kernel metadata when it should only omit the "kernel_arg_name" name node

2) The "spir_kernel" calling convention needs to be set on kernel functions

3) Additional spir metadata needs to be added to the generated module. Done
by this code:

4) An additional "cl-spir-compile-options" option is added to clang to
allow options to be passed through in the SPIR metadata

Do anyone see any obstacles to checking in these pieces? or know why they
haven't been committed already?

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