[cfe-dev] Status of SEH?

Jb Feldman jb.feldman at kyrus-tech.com
Thu Jan 30 14:20:01 PST 2014

Seems like you hit an issue which I wasn't sure of the answer to: Does LLVM
have lawyers to consult on the integration of something like this? I'm
happy to consult my own lawyers before I do this locally, but I'd like to
do it in a way that can contribute to the open source project, and at that
point I imagine that saying, "I know a guy who said it's cool" won't cut it.

If LLVM doesn't have that capacity, it's possible that things that might be
even remotely legally ambiguous just can't be integrated.


On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 3:13 PM, "C. Bergström" <cbergstrom at pathscale.com>wrote:

> On 01/31/14 04:57 AM, Alp Toker wrote:
>> On 30/01/2014 21:40, C. Bergström wrote:
>>> Bringing it up in the appropriate media and forum is the key here.
>>> Chandler is correct we don't want any legal discussions here. It will at
>>> best only bring out trolls and armchair lawyers. Maybe the policy could be
>>> revised to have legal inquiries directed somewhere
>> Yeah. Until we have an opt-in forum for such topics, the mailing list
>> remains the only visible forum for contributors. This isn't great, but it's
>> a reality and puts everyone in an uncomfortable situation.
>> If we don't want to receive such notifications, the only way to achieve
>> that is a change to the policy to invert the meaning:
>>     "we expect contributors *[not]* to notify us of any potential for
>>     patent-related trouble with their changes (including from third
>>     parties)"
>>  Here's my cut at this
> "we expect contributors to [not] discuss potential IP (intellectual
> property) issues on public mailing lists and to seek their own legal
> advice. Nobody on any of the user or developer mailing lists can provide
> legal council and any notices should be directed to the appropriate legal
> contact. In the event of a patch or existing code contribution which needs
> additional legal review please first send an email to
> -------------- at ---------.--- before disclosing the issue publicly."
> I suspect LLVM has representation and like most serious projects maybe an
> email alias should be setup. Sorry I can't think of a better way to dodge
> this bullet...
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