[cfe-dev] clang plugins

Francois de Ferriere francois.de-ferriere at st.com
Wed Jan 29 05:05:55 PST 2014


   I am using clang as a front-end to llvm to generate code for a target 
   I would like to use the clang plugin mechanism to pass some 
information to the compiler during the front-end pass, and then continue 
the flow down to the code generation.

    As I saw in several examples, a plugin must derive from the class 
"PluginASTAction", and the function CreateASTConsumer has to be defined 
to produce a consumer. However, this consumer replaces the consumer that 
the front-end uses to call the backend, thus canceling the code 
generation when a plugin is used.

    I finally managed to do what I want by recreating the 
BackendConsumer in the CreateASTConsumer function of my plugin, but this 
requires duplicating some code from the front-end, and it looks like a 

    Is there a cleaner way to do what I need, or is there another 
mechanism than the plugins to do this ?

    Best regards,

     - Fran├žois.

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