[cfe-dev] Why clang needs to fork into itself?

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 18:44:21 PST 2014

> Agree fully Ted. Forking is tried and tested and yields bug reports from a
> mass user base that might not otherwise bother. I also like the fact that it
> highlights the separation of concerns between driver and frontend.
> The way I see it, if someone proposes a light patch to do in-process
> execution using existing LLVM crash handlers selected at runtime by, say, an
> environment variable that'd be a welcome feature. If however it takes
> conditional compilation I'd be less convinced because that also has
> maintenance cost.

As an intermediate state or forever? The interface is complicated
enough that I don't think it is a good idea to keep both indefinitely.
We can experiment with something on the same line as breakpad, but I
think we should aim for making it as reliable as the posix_spawn and
then drop the posix_spawn option. If the experiment fails, we keep


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