[cfe-dev] [windows] is there a way to tell llvm to generate symbol with a leading _ ?

Carl name.is.carl at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 14:49:14 PST 2014


here is the context for my question.
On Windows, mingw generates symbols with a leading _ in their name.

I have a project that combines regular C libraries compiled by mingw
(runtime.a) and IR code that I generated and compile via llvm libraries
In my case generated.a uses variables exported by runtime.a.
And here lies the run, while those variables have the same name in the c
files that make runtime.a and in the IR code that I feed llvm, once they
get compiled, the former has a leading _ and the latter not.

To complicate things a little further, that project already work on macosx
and linux.
So, I can't want to rename the said variables in the IR code without
recreating ripples on the platforms.
Which I do want to avoid.

What I am looking for is the switch to tell llvm assembler "hey, we're on
windows, please add the dreaded _".
Does such thing exist?

Where can I look for it?


PS: I'm posting in the correct mailing list?
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