[cfe-dev] Clang can't be built out of tree on windows

Nikola Smiljanic popizdeh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 14:36:07 PST 2014

I'm seeing a new issue with out of source builds. llvm-configure crashes
with access violation when I try to configure clang. Everything works find
if clang directory is inside llvm/tools.

On Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 1:11 AM, Tim Northover <t.p.northover at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Nikola,
> > Basically ClangDriverOptions and ClangCC1AsOptions will fail saying:
> > 'C:\llvm-build\bin\\llvm-tblgen.exe' is not recognized as an internal or
> > external command
> I'm neither a Windows dev nor a CMake hacker so I probably can't help
> with the real issue. But I do know there are a couple of CMake
> variables that might work around it: LLVM_TABLEGEN is a path to the
> .exe.
> This either misses the point completely, or may help you carry on
> while a proper solution is found. Or it may simply be wrong.
> Cheers.
> Tim.
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