[cfe-dev] Clang and (cross-)compilation to [i686, x86_64]-w64-mingw32

Ruben Van Boxem vanboxem.ruben at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 03:20:23 PST 2014


I'm planning to take a much-needed look at MinGW(-w64) compatibility in the
Clang driver. What I'm hoping to accomplish is the following:
1. allow 'clang -target [i686,x86_64]-w64-mingw32' to:
1a) search /usr/[i686,x86_64]-w64-mingw32/[include,lib] and certain
subdirectories for C(++) headers and libraries,
1b) use [i686,x86_64]-w64-mingw32-[as,ld,...] instead of what is currently
(as of Clang 3.3 in my Arch Linux installation, will soon test a top of
trunk build) [as,ld,...]
1c) set the necessary libraries to link in various situations.
2) Build a toolchain:
2a) that uses GNU binutils, Clang, and GNU libgcc/libstdc++ and make it
2b) that uses GNU binutils, Clang, LLVM compiler-rt, and GNU libstdc++ and
make it work.

For this, I'd like to introduce a new Toolchain subclass, MinGWToolchain,
which takes care of the *-*-mingw32 triplets.

I'm unsure of several things:
1) where is the target triple "converted" into a Toolchain instance?
2) how can I pass triplet-specific include dirs at configure/cmake time?
This would not really be necessary, but actually really is if Clang is to
be used as an "ultra-cross"-compiler targetting every triplet under the sun
from one binary (which is an awesome idea).

I have read the sparse Driver documentation, and unfortunately not found an
answer to the above issues. I would appreciate any substantial help anyone
can give me in these departments. I'd like to do this right so the changes
can stay (unlike my previous InitHeaderSearch hacks)



PS: I'm not subscribed to cfe-dev, please CC me directly.
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