[cfe-dev] New guy on the list trying to fix windows things

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Sat Jan 11 08:13:04 PST 2014

On 01/11/2014 12:04 AM, Jb Feldman wrote:
> Thanks for your response. I understand that LLVM is working toward Windows
> support, which is why they want me to get more actively involved in trying
> to fix at least the problems that we have already. I'll definitely file the
> ticket at llvm.org, but I was hoping you might be able to tell me where to
> look in source to figure out how to start fixing things.
> Currently I'm poking around in the Sema directory, hoping to find
> something. That is at least where the error is being thrown, but it may not
> be where the bug is. The thing you mentioned about delayed template parsing
> sounds like it might be of particular interest. Can you point me to where
> that magic happens?

Hi JB,

I unfortunately have no idea about all this. However, for other people 
to help you, it is normally extremely helpful if you can provide a 
reduced test case for which you can reproduce the problem with clang 
trunk (the latest version). In the optimal case you provide this test 
case (e.g. single C file) together with the command line options you 
have run clang trunk, the output you got and an explanation on how the 
output you got differs from what you expect.

(I know it is probably possible to guess your problem from the links you 
provided, but such guessing often is rather inaccurate and not everybody 
will even try to do so).


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