[cfe-dev] New guy on the list trying to fix windows things

JB FELDMAN jb.feldman at kyrus-tech.com
Fri Jan 10 07:32:59 PST 2014

Hey guys, I'm new to the community and I just posted into the clang
channel on IRC, but I wanted to write to this list as well. My company
is having some issues with Clang on Windows, and instead of just bugging
you guys about it, they asked me to see what I could do. I was hoping I
could get someone to point me in the right direction though.

The issue I'm looking at has been previously reported here:
So far I've tracked it down to the following: The sizeof operator
doesn't like the fact that it is being asked the sizeof a static,
uninstantiated, template type. It looks like a while back sizeof was
fixed to allow this kind of operation
which it looks like was implemented in clang 3.1. However the fact that
the line in atlstr.h uses a template seems to be breaking thing.

I'm going to start poking around, but I was hoping someone might have an
idea of where to point me. My intention is to fix the issue and submit
the patch back to llvm/clang

By the way, I think I have confirmed my suspicions that the problem is
what I think, because I changed atlstr.h to:
const ChTraits::XCHAR xhcarforsize = 'a';
if (memcmp(pMatch, pCharSet, nCharSetLen*sizeof(xcharforsize)) == 0)

and everything worked (That's not true, I just got past that issue and
to the next one)

I know that unfettered Windows support is a goal for you guys, hopefully
I can help.

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