[cfe-dev] Is it possible to get function parameters for offset with Clang?

Anton Smirnov dev at antonsmirnov.name
Fri Jan 10 03:19:05 PST 2014

I will think about it. I hope i will have much more free time in few month..

Just to know: my dev way: Borland Delphi -> Borland C++ Builder -> .net via
C# -> J2EE -> Android and
it's not a problem for me to learn smth - it's a question of priorities

2014/1/10 Jacob Carlborg <doob at me.com>

> On 2014-01-10 11:06, Anton Smirnov wrote:
>> Not sure that is good idea as it's completely different language, design
>> approaches and tools.
>> Let it be developed by professionals to be really great tool that i
>> almost love.
> The thing is that with open source projects, if you want something get
> done, you will most likely have do it yourself.
> If you contribute with the code there will be professionals (or developers
> who know the code base) to review your changes. This will also help you
> become a better programmer.
> I do know the feeling that I can better spend my time somewhere else where
> I know what I'm doing.
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> /Jacob Carlborg
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