[cfe-dev] Static Analyzer "Uninitialized argument value checks for Unions"

Aditya Kumar hiraditya at codeaurora.org
Wed Jan 8 11:56:09 PST 2014

In the CallAndMessageChecker.cpp, is it possible to implement checks for
uninitialized unions?

E.g., for the following example, I do not get any static analysis report
even if the union 'uoff' is passed uninitialized to the function 'bar'.




typedef union {

  uint32_t Reg;

  struct {

    uint16_t Cx;

    uint16_t sf;


} tf;


typedef struct {

  uint16_t i;

  uint16_t j;

} st;


int bar(tf, tf, st);


int foo(tf t0, int32_t offset) {

  tf uoff;

   st s;

   s.i = 10;

  s.j = 100;

  return bar(t0, uoff, s);







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