[cfe-dev] RTTI on Windows

Daniel Olivier dan_olivier at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 8 11:20:16 PST 2014

I've recently started using Clang on Windows (VC10), and quickly ran into this limitation.I have started to try to split the code paths into Itanium-specific and Microsoft-specific methods, but lack a bit of experience with Clang to really get this off the ground. 
Undoubtedly, I'm making a serious mistake, but it seems to me that this is a serious limitation (in the Windows world, where it is not at all common practice to have access to all the source code for all the dependencies). I see this as a problem stemming from the failure to link with existing libraries (precompiled with MS-style compilers, such as the CRT), and therefore an ABI issue.
I would like to help to try to produce a solution. I've seen the code and realize this is a large (huge?) undertaking. Is it even thinkable (for some reason that escapes now me)?
The question is: who has any specific knowledge of this part of the code (RTTI and virtual table construction)? Among those people, are there any who could spare some time to comment on this undertaking and perhaps provide a bit of guidance? Has anyone already tried to do this, or has it slated?
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