[cfe-dev] Type trait primitives and feature detection

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Wed Jan 8 08:42:29 PST 2014

Hello Marshall, Howard,

As promised I've had a look at what it'd take to get consistent feature 
detection support for the type trait primitives.

Like I mentioned at the end of last year, there are years of detritus 
and while we don't know why some of these traits are even here, but we 
can certainly do better to document and enable their detection in user code.

My first observation is that __has_feature() is intended to indicate 
mature support for broad language standards. As such, it was the wrong 
place to list type trait primitives in the first place because:

1) __has_feature(is_trivially_constructible) suggests that the complete 
feature is available, whereas in fact clang is just exposing an internal 
primitive that the standard C++ library may choose to use or ignore. 
Indeed, as in the case of Microsoft or Embarcadero type traits, libc++ 
may choose not to provide the feature directly or implement it a 
different way, so it's wrong for __has_feature() to make this claim to 
user code.

2) The __has_feature() list is manually maintained and indicates mature 
support for complete standards and major features. History has shown 
that the list won't be kept up to date for anything other than core C++ 
features, mainly because it's hard to track.

On the other hand, there's __has_builtin() which is currently used to 
list support for builtin functions. This list _is_ kept up to date 
dynamically based on the exact builtin functions currently enabled.

Unfortunately this list never included type trait primitives because 
they're handled slightly differently internally (and aren't 
redeclarable, for example). But in reality, they're just two forms of 
function-like builtins so they'd do well to share the same feature 
detection. Some GNU builtins functions like 
__builtin_types_compatible_p() are even implemented directly as type 
trait primitives today in clang.

My proposal is to expose automatic feature discovery for type trait 
primitives by plugging into the __has_builtin() system. This means there 
will no longer be a custom list to maintain and you'll always know 
what's supported by the clang version parsing your code.

With this proposal, we'd freeze the current (very incomplete) list of 
type trait primitives in __has_feature() and set it on a long path to 
deprecation, never adding to it by hand.

For compatibility, you'd define a support macro along the following 
lines to always get an accurate impression of builtin type trait 
primitive support:

#define _libcpp_has_trait(x) (__has_builtin(x) || __has_feature(x))

Does this sound like it'll make life easier for libc++? If so, I'll put 
up the patch shortly!


the browser experts

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