[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] AArch64 Clang CLI interface proposal

Amara Emerson amara.emerson at arm.com
Wed Jan 8 06:06:47 PST 2014

Upon thinking about this more, we could go with my original proposal about
-march accepting both architectures and cores, which would be a superset of
the values that gcc accepts for -march.

Once we have that, we can simply alias -mcpu to -march, perhaps taking
precedence over -march in the case where they're both specified. This should
give enough compatibility with gcc while also using the -march scheme that
Eric wanted.

On a related note, clang doesn't seem to do anything with -mtune for any
target, not even x86. Do we still want to keep it around? We never make the
distinction in the backend between a core that we do isel for and a core
that we optimize for.


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