[cfe-dev] Bug with vectorization of transcendental functions

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> Hi Ian,
> Am 19.08.2014 23:31, schrieb Ian Bell:
> > That's a nice idea with vecmathlib, but for my application I need
> > something that is portable, compiles in gcc/clang/msvc for a wide
> > range
> > of compilers and doesn't require too much hacking.
> Are you aware of Scout? scout.zih.tu-dresden.de
> It is source-to-source thus widely compatible (and configurable for
> SSE,
> AVX aso.). However currently it vectorizes C code only.
> Regarding exp() Intel provides _mm_exp_ps and the like. Back then
> (2-3
> years ago) using that intrinsic slowed down programs in my
> experiments.

FWIW, I've made use of the SLEEF library (http://shibatch.sourceforge.net/) for this (for automated vectorizer targeting). If there is interest in having some kind of vector math function targeting in the upstream LLVM/Clang, then we'll need to think seriously about exactly what to target and how to distribute any required library.


> Best regards
> Olaf
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