[cfe-dev] BreakBeforeBraces for GNU coding style

Martin Liška mliska at suse.cz
Tue Aug 5 06:12:57 PDT 2014

    I would like to ask you for explanation of BreakBeforeBraces for GNU value:**
*BS_GNU (in configuration: GNU) Always break before braces and add an extra level of indentation to braces of control statements, not to those of class, function or other definitions.

Is I understand correctly, there should not be placed breaks for braces for a 'class, function or other definition' ? GNU coding style does not define class, but breaks are always put before braces for a function:

foo (int a)
return a + 4;

Can you please somehow improve documentation?
Another question is closely related: for GNU BreakBeforeBraces, namespace breaks are handled as follows:

namespace aaa {

Such behavior is not specified in GNU coding conventions, but I would say that:
namespace aaa

fulfills the idea much better? If you like this behavior, I can create a patch?


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