[cfe-dev] Doxygen 1.8.4 uses libclang to improve parsing

Sergey Shambir sergey.shambir.auto at gmail.com
Mon May 20 14:15:31 PDT 2013

One header file can be included from C, C++, Objective-C code (in same 
project) or with different preprocessor state. It's better to infer 
header file options from sources where it was included.

Also doxygen doesn't need to scan headers directly, they will be scanned 
by indexing API when procesing source files. XCode collects diagnostic 
for headers from indexing without guessing header options, too. But 
probably it guesses header options from inclusions in *.cpp before 
highlighting header, opened in editor.

Of course, platform-specific headers still suffer.

20.05.2013 23:57, Manuel Klimek пишет:
> And that context brings up the need for having a .h file mapping for 
> the compilation database again. Daniel had the idea that we might get 
> the 99% case by simply looking for files with the same base name to 
> compile (and look whether the header is "obviously" included from 
> there), but it still seems, um, dirty.
> The other way would be to somehow mark the include dump files that 
> compilers produce to be input to the compilation database, so we can 
> build up the reverse graph from there, but that would always require 
> enough of a build (but that's already true for generated files).
> /me is still looking for good ideas here...
> Cheers,
> /Manuel

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