[cfe-dev] Bug 16022 - Clang ignores include path arguments when compiling assembly files

Hannes Landeholm hannes at omnicloud.com
Wed May 15 17:46:41 PDT 2013

I just want to direct some attention to this bug as I just got hit by it
and feel like it should be a one liner to fix if you know the clang source
code. I don't so my attempt to figure out a patch failed. Right now it
forces me to switch to another compiler and it would be a lot of work for
me to do that.


The steps to reproduce is also really simple.

I would also be interested in someone knows of a workaround or can point me
in the general direction of where the arguments are passed to the assembler
in the clang source tree.

Thanks for reading,


Hannes Landeholm
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