[cfe-dev] Getting RecordDecl from CXXBaseSpecifier

Justin Arruda paradoxum at gmail.com
Mon May 13 08:20:16 PDT 2013

I want to retrieve the Decl so that I may use its isDerivedFrom
method.  I know that my target class is derived from class A.  I am
trying to determine which base of class is derived from class A.

My main misunderstanding was not knowing how Decls and Types are
related.  I believe your solution of using getAs and getDecl is
precisely what I was looking for!

Justin Arruda

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 8:55 AM, Sebastian Redl
<sebastian.redl at getdesigned.at> wrote:
> On 13.05.2013, at 06:15, Justin Arruda wrote:
>> Hello all.  New to cfe-dev (and participating in mailing lists in general).
>> The question I'm hoping to have answered is as simple as the subject
>> implies. I have a CXXRecordDecl,
>> and I am trying to determine which of its bases is derived from a
>> class that I know this CXXRecordDecl
>> is also derived from.
>> i.e.
>> class A;
>> class B : public A;
>> class C;
>> class D : public B, public C
>> Looking for which base D gets its A from.
>> I am also seeking general advice for my project as it pertains to my
>> usage of clang.  I am using
>> libtooling and ASTMatchers to create Python bindings for a game engine.
>> This is some sample input I am using for my generator: [test-input].
>> When attempting to locate which base of MyBaz and MyDerived gets their
>> inheritance of Colossus::MyBase,
>> I've tried the following strategy: Obtain the type of the base
>> specifier, and using an appropriate
>> DeclContext, look up the declaration.  Once I have the declaration, I
>> can use its methods to determine if
>> it's derived from Colossus::MyBase (or is that class).
>> // Get the qualified name of the base
>> QualType type = aBaseSpecifier->getType();
>> DeclarationName baseDeclName( type.getBaseTypeIdentifier() );
>> // Grab a context to look up the decl
>> const DeclContext* lookupContext = theCxxRecordDecl->getLookupContext();
>> DeclContext::lookup_const_result lr = lookupContext->lookup(baseDeclName);
> Looking up the name of the type is too complicated. Also, why do you want the decl? If you want to compare for equality, the type is more interesting.
> In any case, the QualType returned by CXXBaseSpecifier::getType() will always (perhaps unless you're dealing with a template definition) be a RecordType underneath; just use type->getAs<RecordType>() to get the RecordType. Then you can use getDecl() on the result, which returns a RecordDecl, but in C++ every RecordDecl is a CXXRecordDecl, so you can just cast<CXXRecordDecl> it.
> Sebastian

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